Test planning check list

A test checklist is a list to help the team understand and develop an easy testing session facilitating its planning and later analysis. The objective is to properly check whether the idea or concept generated is suitable for the user. To achieve this purpose, we first must carefully prepare all the conditions, situations and actions that will take place during the testing session and also be sure of what are the main issues or topics we want to check.

  • Read the list point by point answering the questions shown.
  • Make sure every component of the team reads and agrees with it.
  • Have this list near whenever you are preparing the tests session, and write a tick next to it whenever the task is done.
How to use this tool
  • Fill in the check list
  • Add / eliminate checking points when necessary
  • Add / eliminate questions when necessary
  • Add/ eliminate editable text spaces when necessary
Time15-60 MIN
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