Story board

This technique facilitates to show abstract ideas, services or experiences on a more concrete way. Based on the comic stories, a storyboard is a group of sketches developed in sequence that show all the steps, situations contexts an people that will make the solution /concept real. As a narration, it shows the experience of the user with our solution and how the idea proposed generates value for them.

  • Divide the process or situation you want to show to the user in small steps. Map out the user experience before, during and after using the product or service ideated.
  • Write each step bellow a box, following a sequence order.
  • Check with the group whether there is a step missing in order to understand the situation.
  • Select the necessary items from the image library provided to represent each situation.
  • Remember to describe the change on the user’s perceptions, her/his needs and expectations and the barriers the user confronts during the whole experience. Adding bubbles with conversations and thoughts will help you show it.
  • Check if the sequence created shows all the important interactions of the user with your idea or concept developed and add or subtract boxes if necessary.
  • Prepare a list of main topics to observe and question the user in the moment of showing the storyboard, such as: Do you feel identified with the situation? Is this story appealing to you? How can the solution be modified to better cover your needs or expectations?
How to use this tool
  • Select the items on the library that will help you build the step of the process you want to show
  • Drag the items to the corresponding box following the order of the story to be told
  • Add the necessary texts and conversation bubbles to represent specific conversation or actions happening on each box.
Time15 - 60 MIN
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