Empathy map

This tool provides us a better understanding of the user by uncovering what are the things, persons and situations around her/him that influence them on specific situations. These influences will determine the way the user will perceive both the problem we are trying to solve and the product and service to be further ideated.

  • Select who is your desired user/target.
  • Analyse the different inputs that might affect to your user in situations related to your area of interest: moments, activities, habits, etc.
  • Going from left to right capture each observation about what your customer says, does, hears, thinks and feels about the environment and people around her or him.
  • Do a bit of reflection about what you have done, and share it with the team.
  • Fill the quadrants of Effort and Results.
  • Take a step back and look at the map as a whole. Reflect on what it’s been written and try to come up with conclusions based on it. Share with your team the new data, the main tensions and misalignments between what the user experiences and what she/he really needs, what are the main needs.
How to use this tool


  • Write your comments and thoughts on the post-it.
  • Drag the post-it notes to the right quadrant
Time30 - 60 MIN
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