This method helps us make sense of all the information/data collected about the user during the phase of User Research. By visualising and rearranging the information in groups based on similarities, the team will be able to come up with valuable insights.

An insight is the act of having a deeper understanding of what we observe. It is achieved through interpretation and rationalization of the collected data. The aim is to find out some unexpected insights that will help the team to innovate and to find alternative ways to solve the problem or topic.

  • Select what is the most important data among all the information collected.
  • Write down all the important users’ data and observations selected on the yellow post-it notes: for each piece of data, write a short description or statement. Avoid any interpretation or judgement at this point.
  • Drag the post-its through the board as many times as necessary in order to create groups based on similarities, connections, or patterns amongst them.
  • Start generating points of view and interpretations of the information shown in each group (insights). Write them down on the green post-it notes and add them to the right group. In order to generate valuable insights, try finding out the reasoning behind all the information of the group. Insights should be clear statements representing a higher lever of understanding of the information gathered.
  • Reflect and discuss on all the insight generated. Rearrange them or reframe them if necessary.


How to use this tool
  • Write data collected about the user on the yellow post it notes, drag them to the board.
  • Arrange and order all the data.
  • Write insights on the green post it notes.
  • Rearrange the post-its around the board as many times as necessary to create different combinations and groups.
Time60 - 150 MIN
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